Kenton Klaus

Kenton Klaus, MBA

Senior Instructor, MSA Program
School of Accountancy & MIS

Kenton Klaus, MBA, senior instructor at the School of Accountancy & MIS, brings a rich tapestry of professional accomplishments and academic acumen to his role as a senior instructor at the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University. With a focus on international business and economics, Klaus has dedicated his career to fostering student success and engaging with the broader academic community.

As a retired partner at Deloitte, where he led the Global Employer Services (GES) practice in Chicago, Klaus has extensive knowledge of industry best practices and client management. He has also served as a partner at Arthur Andersen, further solidifying his position as a trusted advisor in the field of accounting.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Klaus is an active member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and plays a key role in the Office of Student Success & Engagement within the School of Accountancy & MIS. Through various programs and initiatives, including an executive-in-residence program and mentoring opportunities, Klaus is committed to supporting students and preparing them for successful careers in accounting.

Klaus is also deeply involved in nonprofit work, serving on the boards of organizations such as the Chicago chapter of Disability: IN and ADA 25 Advancing Leadership, CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois and Access Living. His dedication to building a stronger community for people with disabilities has earned him recognition, including the Lester H. McKeever Jr. Advancing Diversity Award from the Illinois CPA Society.

With a passion for education and community engagement, he continues to make a lasting impact on both his students and the broader accounting profession.

Academic Degrees:

  • MBA, International Business and Economics, University of Chicago, 1987
  • BS, Accounting, Driehaus College of Business, 1981

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